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KEEPIT3 is a cutting edge content creating company who has received national acclaim for our commercial, fashion, and portrait imagery. We have mastered our gift of visual storytelling, built from a sheer passion for the Arts and a keen eye for detail. From branding photography to breathtaking beauty shots, we produce high-quality images that will last a lifetime.

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Want to make sure you never lift a finger? We can come in and pack your entire home from your bathroom to your bedrooms to the kitchen and make sure we take care of the entire process. Of course, we can leave out any items you might need access to.

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Just want to have us pack a single room, finish up for you, or focus on just the delicate items? We can do that too! Just let us know which part of the packing you want us to handle and we will make sure to handle it all with care. Lots of customers prefer we come in and just handle the kitchen and delicate items (often the most time-intensive part of the packing).


We are able to provide packings supplies such as our rentable containers, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and plastic to all of our customers at cost. This means we do not up-charge for these items and are able to sell these items to our customers at the cost at which we bought them. Since we typically buy in bulk, the pricing we can offer is often better than anything you can find elsewhere.

If we are doing the packing ourselves, we will bring the required supplies on move day and you will just pay for the items we used at the end of the move.


Of course, we are happy to use packing supplies you provide yourself as long as it is new or gently used (emphasis on gently). We may not be able to use some boxes if they are in bad shape as our first priority is ensuring the safety of your belongings.

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Moving can be an overwhelming process for many people. Finding the boxes, renting the truck, and getting your things moved from one place to another costs you time and money. We can help make your move easier and more efficient by providing unmatched packing and unpacking services. Shop with KEEPIT3!


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